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Compilation of factual information about the Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sanctuary and surrounding area is a work in progress. Preliminary reports on the following topics can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

An occasional newsletter about events and developments on the farm and in the neighbourhood is sent to all past guests and other interested people.

The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve

The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve was formally launched in 2001 as one of about 600 UNESCO-registered biosphere reserves established around the world. It is the only "savanna" reserve of this type in southern Africa.

The primary objective of biosphere reserves is to create and promote sustainable economic development in an area of particular or unique environmental interest, in ways that do not jeopardise this environment for future generations. The concept necessitates the formation of a constructive partnership between conservationists, developers, community groups, commerce and government with the common goal of linking development in the reserve with an obligation to conserve the distinctive aspects of its natural environment.

The Waterberg Biosphere Reserve enjoys the unqualified support of the South African government at national, provincial and municipal levels and is integrated into the tourism development strategy of Limpopo Province.

Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the heart of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve; we are committed to complying with and promoting the objectives of the Biosphere and are proud to be one of its founder subscribers.

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